Boost Your Business Marketing with Infusionsoft

Many businesses today are faced with the challenge of penetrating the online market due to old marketing tactics. However, seeking the help of an Infusionsoft Expert is guaranteed to go a long way in growing your customer base and generating consistent leads. And one of the most celebrated online marketing experts is Damian Qualter, who has personally used Infusionsoft to grow his businesses and coach hundreds of business owners for at least eight years. Damian and his team of experts have several ways to help you maximize the powerful automation features of Infusionsoft as described below.



As a renowned Infusionsoft Expert, Damian personally offers consultancy services to selected business owners for either 1 hour, half a day of 4 hours or full day of 8 hours. To get selected, you need to fill an application form describing your business and a little bit about yourself.

Custom Campaigns

For higher levels of internet marketing, Infusionsoft makes it easier to achieve your goals with its email marketing system, shopping cart, a CRM system, a sales pipeline management tool as well as an automation campaign building functionality. Damian and his team of experts have made it easier for business owners who are yet to learn Infusionsoft, by developing custom campaigns. These campaigns can be built into your own application to save you the time and hassle of doing it by yourself. DamianQualter.com

Infusionsoft Demo

To get a practical feel of how Infusionsoft works, Damian runs a live demo to help you get ideas of how you can use the system in your business to maximize profits. This plan also saves you the time and money.

Done For You

If you are not an Infusionsoft Expert and you lack the time to learn how to use the system, there’s also the option of booking several hours every month to have Damian’s team fine-tune your app and build your campaigns successfully. There are two packages to choose from in this option; the Silver Package worth $600 and the Gold Package worth $1000 per month.


In the event that you get stuck in the process of using the Infusionsoft app, you can book a 90 minute call with Damian to get your questions answered and get the most out of the app’s powerful features. The call is also recorded for your future reference and you get recommendations on how to maximize the app for more profits.


For a Do It Yourself (DIY) option, book a 30 minute call with Damian to discuss the best Infusionsoft Coaching package available. The coaching packages start at $1,500 per month and they’ll certainly go a long way in teaching you how to be an expert in using the app for your business profitability.

Automation Score Card Quiz

This 2-3 minute quiz helps you to understand whether you are an “Automation Wizard” or an “Automation Dinosaur” and is absolutely free! As soon as you complete the test, the team will email you a detailed customized report pointing out all the areas you need to improve as well as recommendations on how to quickly implement these changes.

Custom Development

As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Damian and his team offer customized development of extra features that may not be included in the original version of the app. This option is vital for a business seeking change and growth.

For more information on how to grow your business using Infusionsoft, contact Damian on https://damianqualter.com/infusionsoft-expert-help/ and secure an appointment with him.

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