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A Solution for Bar Code Scanners

In any shop or retail outlet, the cash register is a critical piece of equipment. This simply can not go wrong and must work efficiently at all times. This can also include bar code scanners, receipt printers, as well as cash point registers. In a busy shop, they should be easy to use and efficient. For specialized products such as these, there is a need for a company that understands this equipment and has a wide variety of items available. Therefore, Barcode Scanner - Cash Register Warehouse Australia, can offer a range of equipment for sale.

Cash Register and Related Products for Sale.

Consequently, Barcode Scanner – Cash Register Warehouse has the following products on offer:

  • Casio SE-S10 Cash Register: This cash register is designed for small to medium sized businesses. It will provide the shop details on the printed receipt. These are some of the features available: The receipt function can be turned off and then printed on request. It has a large cash draw allowing for 8 rows of coins and 4 rows of notes. It also includes a secure lock which can be under the control of the manager.

  • Zebra GK420D Direct Thermal Label Printer Ethernet: Again this product is designed for medium to small retail outlets. This has five inches to the minute print speed redirected here. It can support EPL and ZPL industry standard programming languages. It has a 12 months warranty.

  • Zebra LI-2208 Bar Code Scanner USB: This is a very versatile bar code reader. It can be used by workers scanning bar codes from printed labels. It can also “read” bar codes from computers, or mobile/cell phones and tablets. This is an easy to use ergonomically designed bar code reader that can read codes from a distance as well.

  • Zebra Bundle Pharmacy DS9208/GC420: This includes a Zebra DS 9208 USB bar code scanner. This can readily scan printed labels and bar codes from mobile/cell phones. This is versatile enough to be able to scan both “1 D” or “2D” bar codes. This system can register, record and consequently price both mobile coupons and gift cards. It can also read loyalty cards, boarding cards and theater tickets. Again, this is a very practical product with a lot of good ergonomic design features. This is a point and shoot scanner and can be used in one hand. It will operate all day. This is a “plug in play” scanner. There is no need for setting up or training. It comes with a three year warranty. The Zebra GC 420D Label Printer. This uses a direct thermal print method and can also use EPL and ZPL programming languages. It can be used with a variety of different interfaces. This label printer comes with a 3 year warranty.

  • Epsom TM T8211 Intelligent WIFI Receipt Printer: This system can be used easily with computers, mobile/cell phones and tablets. This would be a good solution for smaller trading outlets where there are problems with cabling and routers. Drivers are also not needed. This can also work with computer browsers and can access computer “cloud” storage.

This is only a sample of the different options available. Also, Barcode Scanner – Cash Register Warehouse can make deliveries across Australia. All aspects in point of sale technology are considered. Visit us online at HTTP://WWW.CASHREGISTERWAREHOUSE.COM.AU.

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